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"Thanks, Magician Mort, for a wonderful evening. You gave our party the polished edge for which I was looking."
K. Wilcox - Birmingham, Alabama


When it comes to close-up magic (also referred to as strolling magic), Mort is a seasoned professional. Well-groomed and impeccably dressed in a tuxedo, complete with vest and accessories, he exudes style and confidence. His magic is clean, tasteful, and includes something for everyone.

As Mort strolls thru the crowd, he is always ready to perform at a moment's notice. Some of Mort's most-requested close-up routines involve magic with coins, playing cards, business cards, rubber bands, napkins, forks, and spoons.

In Birmingham, Mort is one of the few magicians who has honed his sleight-of-hand skills, so he is proficient at taking a simple piece of magic and transforming it into a work-of-art. Mort has also taken his magic to the next level and is known for his mentalism routines, which enable him to delve into people's minds to reveal their innermost thoughts and personalities.

Close-up magic is enjoyed by all ages and is ideal for enabling spectators to interact directly with Mort and experience the magic firsthand.

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