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"Thanks, Magician Mort, for being such an asset to our restaurant. Prior to your arriving for our weekly night of magic, I receive at least a dozen telephone calls from people planning to attend and confirming what hours you will be here. Attendance has been and continues to be impressive."
F. Chesser - Birmingham, Alabama


Restaurants and magic truly do go together like bread and butter. Many restaurant owners and managers are realizing the logic and financial profit in hiring Mort as "house magician". When choosing a restaurant, customers like to feel they are getting the most for their dining dollars, so all amenities are considered. Mort's magic can very well give a restaurant the competitive edge for which it is looking.

Restaurant magic is perfect for restaurants where customers must often wait extended periods of time before being seated. Time passes much more quickly when a restaurant offers distractions, and there is no better distraction than the mind-blowing magic of Mort, who is able to amaze not only children, but adults as well.

After customers are seated, have been served, and are finished with their meals, Mort is still on hand to make sure each diner is sent away not only with the lingering memory of a delicious meal, but the sense of wonder only magic can instill.

If customers are celebrating a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary, Mort marks the occasion by performing an unforgettable piece of magic reserved specifically for the guest- or guests-of-honor.

Mort's magic sets off a chain reaction of advertising for restaurants where he entertains. After being impressed by fine food and incomparable magic, customers tell their acquaintances, who inevitably come to enjoy the experience, too. Word spreads quickly, and crowds tend to show a steady increase in a very short period of time.

Most restaurants employ Mort on the average of one or two nights weekly, so he accepts an extremely limited number of engagements.

Customers really do enjoy being "Mort"ified by Mort The Mystifying's astounding feats of restaurant magic.

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